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15 Nov 2016

WDS/RDA Assessment of Data Fitness for Use WG

The increasing availability of research data and its evolving role as a first class scientific output in the scholarly communication requires a better understanding of and the possibility to assess data quality, which in turn can be described as conformance of data properties to data usability or fitness for use. These properties are multifaceted and cover various aspects related to data objects, access services, and data management processes such as the level of annotation, curation, peer review, and citability or machine readability of datasets. Moreover, the compliance  of a data repository or data center providing datasets - for example with certification requirements - could serve as a useful proxy. Firstly, a concept of data fitness requires assessment of quality criteria to be included as well as the weighing of each of those criteria. The process should preferably lead to the development  of a corresponding metric. Secondly, we want to find effective ways to expose and communicate this metric, for e.g. by using a labelling or tagging system whereby different usability levels are made explicit.

The Group completed its outputs and recommendations in April 2019 and thus completed its work as a group towards the initial Case Statement.   The outputs of this Working Group are considered and included in the efforts of both the FAIR Data Maturity Model WG and the FAIRsFAIR Project.

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13 Jun 2016

Weather, climate and air quality IG


In a field where the amount and the data sources increase exponentially, it becomes critical to find efficient solutions at a community level to address problems such as storage, indexing, metadata, sharing, or analysis. The global objectives of this Interest Group will be to explore and discuss the challenges for management, efficient analysis and dissemination of large and diverse datasets generated by the weather, climate and air quality communities.

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Working Group Process Task Force

Chair (s): 

This Task Force was created by Council and charged with defining the complete WG process from initial idea to delivery and maintenance of final deliverables (including key handoffs and transitions).


  • Mark Parsons, Secretariat (chair)
  • Stefanie Kethers, Secretariat
  • Bill Michener, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Francoise Genova, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Andrew Treloar, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Fran Berman, Council
  • Ross Wilkinson, Council

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