Registration Now Open For RDA’s Virtual Plenary 22

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Registration Now Open For RDA’s Virtual Plenary 22
24 Feb 2024

Registration Now Open For RDA’s Virtual Plenary 22

 – Also Launches Equality and Diversity Programme for RDA Plenaries –

Early bird registration is now available through to 5 April for RDA’s Virtual Plenary 22: Local Action - Global Connection. The Plenary will be held for half-days spread across two weeks, between 14-23 May 2024. This event will be hosted by the RDA Secretariat. Register here.

For those unfamiliar with RDA plenaries, these meetings are exciting and productive events held by the RDA every six months either virtually, or in different locations around the world. With a structure combining plenary sessions, panel discussions and breakout sessions, these plenaries bring together professionals with a shared mission to improve data sharing across all disciplines, technologies and countries.

Registration Rates

Registration Fee Type                                                   


Full rate HIC* $150 £119
Early Bird rate HIC (discounted rate) $100 £79
Full rate LMIC**  $45 £36
Early Bird rate LMIC
(discounted rate)


Student rate HIC $65 £52
Student rate LMIC $30 £24

*HIC – High Income Countries – as defined by the World Bank
**LMIC – Low and Middle Income Countries – as defined by the World Bank.  

Register here.

Equality and Diversity Programme for RDA Plenaries

In alignment with the RDA’s goal to deliver plenaries that are truly global, culturally diverse and inclusive, the RDA is excited to announce the launch of the Equality and Diversity Programme for Plenaries (EDPP) that invites RDA members to support plenary participation for those members residing in low or middle income countries (LMIC). For LMIC members, cost is often a major deterrent to participation in international conferences, including RDA plenaries. With the EDPP, we hope that through the generosity of our community, we will see increased engagement at future plenaries from LMIC members, including regions in the Southern hemisphere.

Learn more about how to become involved here.

Programme Updates

The programme overview for VP22 is now available here, which provides a broad structure of the meeting. Breakout sessions submissions are currently under review and will be incorporated into the programme by 15 March.

Additional Information

VP22 will use a Whova [hu:va] registration platform. Once registration and payment is confirmed, access will be given to the platform. Attendees can only register for the full event. It is not possible to book day tickets. Accepted payments include credit cards, debit cards or by invoice.

Contact Information

Questions related to the VP22 registration and/or programme can be directed to

Register here.