Reminder: Data ethics and the UNESCO recommendations for Open Science - The research data insider, May 3rd.

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26 Apr 2024
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The CODATA Data Ethics Working Group has been working with global scholars to collaboratively establish a basic consensus for further activities and research on data ethics principles and a data ethics framework which will help to promote global open data exchange and applications in alignment with the UNESCO Recommendations on Open Science. 


  • Louise Bezuidenhout, CODATA Data Ethics Working Group & Leiden University

Louise Bezuidenhout is a social science researcher who specializes on issues relating to Open Science, data sharing and access. Her research is broadly oriented around themes such as justice and access, inclusion and marginalization and equity.


  • Live Håndlykken Kvale, RDA-NO training and outreach group & UiO

Join us on zoom May 3rd  from 09:05–09.30 for a 15 minutes of learning about a recent research data community output.
There will be 10 minutes for questioning after each presentation.