United Nations STI 2024 Forum Session on Research Assessment, Friday 10 May 2024

07 May 2024

Dear EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV Members,

We would like to invite you to participate in the Virtual Session on ‘Developing a global approach for science policy with local impact for the development of digital tools in research assessment’ to be held this Friday 10 May 2024 from 8:30 to 10:00 EDST (New York time), 12:30 to 14:00 UTC; 14:30 to 16:00 CEST (Brussels time). This is part of the United Nations MultiStakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals, (STI 2024 Forum) taking place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 9 to 10 May 2024. Attached is the full agenda. Those interested in participating can use this Zoom Registration Link. The session is organized by the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA)’s Working Group on Ethics and Research Integrity Policy in Responsible Research Assessment for Data and Artificial Intelligence (ERIP). It focuses on developing global science policies with local impact, focusing on digital tools, data, and AI ethics to improve how contributions to science and society are valued and assessed.

The panelists include

  • Professor Perihan Elif Ekmekci, Co-chair, CoARA-ERIP; Faculty of Medicine, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, Turkey; Member, AI Working Group, The Council on Higher Education of Turkey
  • Professor Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Chairperson, Bureau of the UNESCO Ad Hoc Expert Group (AHEG) on the Ethics of AI; Member, UN Secretary General’s High Level Advisory Body on AI
  • Dr. Isidoros (Dorian) Karatzas, Head, Research Ethics and Integrity Sector, European Commission, DG RTG ERIS, Brussels, Belgium
  • Dr. Lidia Borrell-Damián, Member, CoARA Steering Board, Secretary General, Science Europe, Brussels, Belgium
  • Dr. Gitanjali Yadav, Co-chair, CoARA-ERIP, National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), New Delhi, India; Lecturer, St. Edmunds College, University of Cambridge
  • Dr. Serge Stinckwich, Head of Research, United Nations University Institute and the UNU AI Network, Macau
  • Dr. Pil Maria Saugmann, Co-chair, CoARA-ERIP, The European Council for Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (EuroDoc), Brussels, Belgium
  • Francis P. Crawley, Co-chair, CoARA-ERIP, Leuven, Belgium
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