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Mr Raman Ganguly Chair

Member since: 04/11/2016 - 19:53
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IT Specialist/IT Architect
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Data Management
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University of Vienna
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Raman Ganguly is the leader of the Software Design and Development Department at the Vienna University Computer Center (ZID), and is an expert in software development and media technology. Since 2011, he has devoted his energies to the digital archivation of data from a technical perspective with a focus on architectonic models for technical implementation. His duties at the Vienna University include the technical development and operation of repositories, as well as the university website. For him, modular systems and consumer-oriented representation of data are the most important aspects of constructing modern IT landscapes.. Raman Ganguly is the technical leader of Phaidra, member of the Phaidra Steering Committee and coordinates the technical agenda of the international consortium www.phaidra.org. Since 2014, he has been the technical leader of the federal-grant (HSRM) project e-infrastructures Austria and since 2016 also the technical leader of the federal-grant project Open Education Austria.

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