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Member since: 05/18/2015 - 05:07
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research data
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Outreach/Data Librarian
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Kathryn Unsworth is a an Outreach Librarian with CSIRO, based at the Clayton (Victoria) site. Kathryn engages with researchers, instrument managers, and other CSIRO staff, providing Library and Research support. In the Outreach role there is focus on strategic engagement. A coordinated and systematic program of outreach via drop-ins, site visits and direct project invovlement are a part of current planning. Kathryn was previously at the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) based in Melbourne. At ANDS, Kathryn engaged with a number of Australian universities, providing research data management related advice, support and training. Additionally, Kathryn worked in partnership with institutions to deliver ANDS-funded projects. She has many RDM-related interests including, DMP implementations and their value in changing researcher behaviours and practices, IP and licensing issues for data, ethics and informed consent, and up-skilling data librarians for transition into data science roles, but is now transitioning to wider research support with a focus on researcher workflows and how, when and where support services are best interconnected.

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