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Prof Beth Plale Chair

Member since: 07/16/2013 - 00:22
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Data science, data preservation, cloud computing, metadata and provenance
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Science Advisor, National Science Foundation
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Indiana University
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United States

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Dr. Beth Plale, the Michael A and Laurie Burns Professor of Computer Engineering, is Department Chair of the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering at Indiana University Bloomington (IU). Plale additionally serves as the Executive Director of the Pervasive Technology Institute and Founding Director of the Data To Insight Center. Plale’s interests computational and data infrastructure, open science, provenance & reproducibility, AI ethics, and data accountability. Plale served at the US National Science Foundation (NSF) in a policy position working on open science (2017 -2020). Plale is a founder of the Indiana University Center of Excellence for Women & Technology (CEWIT) and a founding director of the Hathi Trust Research Center (HTRC). She is an original founder of the international Research Data Alliance (RDA), served as inaugural chair of the RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB), and currently leads RDA-US efforts.

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