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Please make sure the group follows the new RDA Groups Policy, which came into effect on 1 April 2021. Please contact enquiries[at] if you have any questions.



Webinar - Professionalising Data Stewardship | Global updates to inform RDA community on future directions - 30 June 2022


This is the webpage of the RDA Interest Group on professionalising data stewardship. 

  • The idea to create an interest group was raised in a BoF session during the 14th Plenary (Helsinki), and a first informal group of interested people was established.
  • At the 15th Virtual Plenary, as second BoF session was organised.
  • The group was formally endorsed around the 16th Virtual Plenary, which we celebrated during our VP16 breakout session.
  • We presented the first outcomes of the first three task groups (see below) at the VP17 breakout session
  • Currently, we are preparing for the group's VP18 break out session.

Are you curious about our ambitions, goals and activities. Make sure to read our charter (via the 'charter' tab on this webpage). We currently have eight active task groups, tackling the following challenges: 

  • TG1. a business case for data stewardship
  • TG2. data stewardship terminology
  • TG3. the integration of data stewardship across an organisation
  • TG4. job profiles for data stewards
  • TG5. training for data stewards
  • TG6. career tracks for data stewards
  • TG7. networking and knowledge exchange
  • TG8. certification. 


Most task groups could use active engagement. Each task group/challenge has its own channel in the PDS IG Slack community, so make sure to join the channel of your interest if you want to help out (read here on how to join a channel).